Heat IV

Hi guys,The Heat is still on in January 2016. This story is about to come to an end. Tell us what you think about it so far. Happy New Year from allofus@TPC. Enjoy!


Everything around Ajike seemed to float. She looked into the rear view mirror to confirm her reality every few minutes.  The cars sped past in the opposite lane of the third mainland, while she whisked at a dangerous speed above a hundred kilometres per hour. She depressed the accelerator as if to run away from all her troubles.  Her phone rang on the seat beside her, it was Lolu calling.

“Bastard!” She increased the volume of the sound system, and the sound came through the roof, drowning the sound of the ringing phone. She lost total control of the car to her emotions. It sped in one direction, and slowed in the other direction.

Isiaka stood a few metres away from the car park waiting to complete his final task. It was to ensure He got the final destination of Miss Missy. He was now wearing a face cap, sitting with the cobbler and watching Lolu from behind a newspaper, as He stood helpless, fiddling with his phone. Lolu disappeared into the company premises. A few minutes after Isiaka entered the premises and located the reception glancing furtively to be sure Lolu was nowhere in sight.

“Good afternoon my sister.  Please I need to locate this Madam fast.” He held up Ajike’s ID card.

The secretary looked from the ID card to the man holding it in disbelief.

“I fixed her car at the car park, and she forgot her bag with me.” He held up the bag he stole from Ajike hoping he was convincing enough. The secretary stared at him for a second.

“Thank you sir, we can have the bag now. It will be delivered to her safely.” She stood up and approached him.

“Not so fast. I need to talk to her. She has not paid me for my services.” He took a step back thinking of how best to get the phone call across to Ajike.

The secretary took a swipe on the man standing before her. His demeanor did not suggest mischief in any form. She picked up the phone and dialed a number.

Isiaka smiled. For this last favour the man had promised him an additional fifty thousand naira. He watched the secretary keenly.

“Hello Miss Ajike, you have a man here who would like to speak with you.”

Isiaka’s eyes twitched and He took long strides towards the receptionist.

“Thank God o. Tell her I am the mechanic that fixed her car a few hours ago.” He raised his voice.

He snatched the receiver from the secretary before she could offer it to him.

“Madam, where are you? Your bag is here. You forgot it at the car park. I can bring it for you, anywhere you are. I have my motorcycle.”

The thought of extra cash affected his composure. He managed to hear her final destination.

“Meet me at Ikeja Shopping Mall.”

He hit the receiver on the large marble table at the reception and disappeared behind the glass doors at the entrance. Once He got out of the building, He called Abami.

“Final destination is Ikeja Shopping Mall sir.”

The line went dead before He could ask for  the final bank alert.


Franka had maintained a comfortable distance between her car and the blue dot for a few minutes. A few cars ahead She spotted the Toyota Corolla from inside the high cabin of her Tundra , moving seamlessly through traffic. She swallowed bile for the umpteenth time while she considered the most lethal move to make. Abami’s call came through.

“Miss Missy is headed to Ikeja Shopping Mall. There is traffic building on the main land. Overtake as you exit the Third Mainland Bridge. Speed as fast as you can so you can make a U-turn on to the other side of the road, and wait for the car at the Toll Gate intersection.  Hopefully, you will be there before her. Goodluck!” The line went dead.

“Abami is a bastard!” Franca screamed in excitement, clutched down, and shifted to the third gear. The four wheel drive surged forward. She shifted to the fourth gear just as she zoomed passed Miss Missy’s car. Franca did not look at the driver; she must make it to the other side of the express before the blue dot arrived from the opposite side.  Her engine roared at a hundred and fifty kilometers an hour arousing the attention of several road users.  She kept her glance in between the road ahead and the monitor on her dashboard.


Everything seemed to slow down in Ajike’s mind again.  She turned the volume of the radio higher as if to drown in the Lagos traffic and loud music from City FM. She struggled to concentrate. Obviously Lolu was married, and he had fooled her all the while. Looking at her face in the rear view mirror, she could see a reflection of her mind state; smeared make-up, swollen eyes, and parched lips. She was hundred percent sure Lolu was married. The wedding band was carefully hidden in a tiny pocket in his suit, not the regular inner pockets. Recalling the shock on his face when she asked who owned the wedding ring, her mouth opened involuntarily.


Stephen! How could she have walked away from him, only to run into the hands of the bastard? She wondered. It was past 2pm and the trucks rushing out of Lagos were gathering, gradually creating a little traffic ahead of her. Perhaps, we were never meant to be, perhaps I made the mistake of my life. Her turning point was a few metres ahead, She hated She may have to wait at the mall for the mechanic that picked her bag for her at the car park.  How is it that I forgot that bag?

The Tundra slowed a few metres to the intersection that linked the Express Road to Ikeja. Franca looked at the monitor again, watching the blue dot approach the intersection from the opposite side a few kilometres away. She envisaged a five minute interval, time enough for the onslaught. She put on the hazard lights, turned the wiper on, and it swung full speed in opposite directions. She looked in the mirror and disengaged the seatbelt. In her moment of sanity, she wound down the windows, switched off the airconditioner, looked around at the cars speeding past; men and women rushing through life to beat the Lagos grind. This grind will be disturbed in a few minutes. The blue dot was now visible to her from a comfortable distance. A surge of blood through her veins made her fingers twitch. She clutched down and shifted her gear, holding her right leg on the brake. She gassed down and released the clutch. The Tundra surged forward to sixty kilometres per hour in twelve seconds, her eyes fixated on the blue car as it was about to join the road at the intersection. She held on firmly to the steering, increased the speed, and let go of her mind.


Ajike froze in a moment of panic as she saw the red Toyota Tundra with large iron rolling bars in front of it rushing at top speed towards her as she joined the main road. It was a only a few seconds to the hit. The only thing she could shout was “Jesus!” All the cars speeding around her seemed to be still in a moment of silence.

The Tundra ran into the Toyota Corolla sending a crashing sound, metals flipping into the air, parts crashing against the tar. The impact of the crash lifted the Corolla off the ground, giving enough momentum for the vehicle to summersault several times before hitting an electric concrete pole. Smoke and humans descended on the scene. The road was covered with a trail of fresh human blood.




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