“War Room”: Five reasons to watch the movie


Hi guys , today is Random Saturday and I can actually type xyxyxyx until I am tired cos that is random. I saw ‘War Room’  at the Cinemas this week after much anticipation for its release in Nigeria, and I cannot keep the lessons the movie taught me, to myself. Enjoy.


Prayer mainFirst up, this is not a review, or an attempt to professionally dissect the latest movie of the Kendrick Brothers. On the other hand, it would be a sincere privilege to review the highest grossing faith-based movie since The Passion of Christ. And yes, you read that right! This movie was produced on a 3 million dollar budget and grossed over 67.2Million Dollars in 11 weeks. Okay, these are exciting facts for me, especially when the movie is based on the power of prayer to change people.

The movie premiered in Nigeria this month, and it was worth every bit of my 500 bucks. Judicious spending if you think about buying the truth and selling it to no man.

Now I can only manage a narrative here, without that power to change you or your present situation. Perhaps I will convince you to go online and find the next screening time in a cinema nearest to you. And , Hey, don’t go buying pirated copies, you’d probably find Rambo shooting in that “War Room”. Lol…

Firstly, it will reinforce your belief in the fact that prayer can change just anything. A few reviews I read online find this narrative very religious and unreal. Lol..Years back I remember R.Kelly sang “Prayer Changes Things”. If you cannot agree with your Pastor or the Kendrick Brothers, remember R.Kelly’s confession. Thank me later.  And no, prayer warriors are not those guys that scream all night in the market places, Elizabeth turned her closet into a war room and fell on her knees like a warrior. In Stephen Curtis Chapman’s voice.

Secondly, it will help you to STOP believing the lies of the devil. Scratch that..We all need to stop believing the lies of the devil. And one of them is that “People do NOT change”. Where did we read that? I dunno. So if your husband cheats on you today, He cannot change? Hellooooo….REPENTANCE…is that word familiar? Yeah, it’s in the bible, and probably in the webster’s dictionary. In the movie, we find Tony a sales rep for a  pharmaceutical company return drugs he stole from his company after He was sacked, knowing fully well He may face prosecution. People Change. Stop believing that lie. Go see War Room.

Thirdly, you will learn to identify the real enemy. Rather than sticking your hands into the other person’s eyes complaining bitterly, the indefatigable Miss Clara asked Elizabeth to face the real enemy. The real enemy is not your wife, your husband, or your boss. He is the one that comes only to kill, to steal, and to destroy. Once we get that point, we will turn every situation around from a position of victory through surrender to God.

The fourth reason has to do with coffee. We all drink coffee hot or cold. Nobody ever orders for warm coffee, except you are like me who once ordered Capuccino at a Starbucks Café in the middle of winter. The mixture got warm as soon as it was dispensed, and when I put the cup into my mouth I spewed it out. It made no sense to me. Do you remember that scripture?…  “I’d rather that you were hot or cold.” No lukewarmness! Elizabeth is warned early in the movie. No going to church ONLY when you feel like.

This is the last reason because I promised to write only five. Love conquers all things, especially fear. Tony expected Elizabeth to be on the revenge mode after He lost his very lucrative job as an executive salesman, especially when He had been so mean to her sister and husband when they were in need. No, She didn’t. She showed him more love and respect. In no time, awed by her character of love He was on his knees, pleading for her forgiveness.  Her singular act of love saved her husband from slipping into depression.  Talk of mid-life crisis, and abusive husbands.

Let me warn you. Some movie critcs believe the story does not conform to an appropriate plot structure. And it is all because prayer turned around a family’s crisis. I need to laugh a little bit….excuse me, this movie is faith-based and Alex and Stephen Hendrick are unashamedly Christian. The last time I checked my bible Jesus did not conform to Hollywood plot structures, He wrote on the ground and said “He who has no sin, let him cast the first stone”. In a hollywood movie, maybe Jesus would have condemned her, because that is a point of conflict. But Heh, a movie that ranked  third in box office behind “Straight Outta Compton” is no push-over. Go watch it. Get on the facebook page  (facebook/warroomthemovie) there are already several testimonies and people describing how they turned their closets into “War Rooms”.

I’m off to find my own “War Room” in my house. Hope you find one too.